Technology, media and telecommunications

Technology, media and telecommunications

We are experts in the law and regulation that applies at all levels of the technology and information stack.  That includes telecommunications infrastructure and ISPs, SaaS and new internet enabled technologies like blockchain, or the deep tech, media and content people and industries that thrive in an increasingly digital space.

We have in depth experience and expertise in providing advice to telecommunications companies, infrastructure providers, ISPs, online content hosts and networks, SaaS providers, information technology businesses, open source and proprietary software providers, and those who leverage the internet to offer new tech solutions like blockchain and tokens.  Understanding how digital technology works, and the law and regulation that applies in these areas, also means that we can combine that with our expertise in intellectual property, privacy and cybersecurity/ safety to provide advice to social networks and the GLAM sector, together with those in the creative industries.

We also act for publishers, authors, web and print designers, television broadcasters, PR and media agencies, advertisers, industry organisations, regulators, and many others at the forefront of creativity - whether in the offline or online environments.

We also have a high level of experience and expertise with ventures in technology sectors, including:

  • Biotech.
  • Life Sciences.
  • IT Ventures.
  • Internet and cloud-based businesses.
  • Telecommunications.
  • AgriTech.