Internet Linking and copyright: A blast from the past

The Supreme Court of Canada's decision in Crookes v Newton, finding that hyperlinks, of themselves, are not publications in defamation law, brings back fond memories.

You see, back in the days when the web was pretty new - days of the Alta Vista seach engine (pre Google) and when Netscape Navigator was the new browser on the block - I did a Masters degree dissertation on how New Zealand copyright law treated linking and framing.

At the time it was a hot topic, with cases like Shetland Times, Total News and Ticketmaster all in train.

So, with linking now back in the headlines, I thought I'd amuse myself by blowing the dust off my dissertation.  In a cunning ploy (to prevent piracy of course ;-)), the only digital copy I had was stored on an old 3.5inch floppy.  Luckily I know some rightsholders whose business models dictate that they need such equipment so I was able to dredge a copy of the disk.  Which was indeed lucky, because when I asked one of my GenY staff whether they'd noticed a floppy drive carrying PC hanging around the office, they just looked at me blankly, then laughed when I showed them the disk.  Young whippersnapper!

Anyway, for want of a better place to put it and on the off chance that it might be of interest to others, here it is.

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