Maritime Operators Safety System Rules Signed Off

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17 October 2013

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On 3 October 2013 Minister of Transport Gerry Brownlee signed Maritime Rules which will implement the new Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS) in place of the existing Safe Ship Management (SSM) scheme.

The new regime will take effect from 1 July 2014. It replaces the current vessel focussed SSM system with a system covering the entire operations of a commercial vessel operators and aims to ensure that all safety related risks are identified and managed. It will no longer be necessary for operators or surveyors to sign up to an SSM company. Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) will instead assist operators to develop their own safety systems covering all of their vessels. Once MOSS comes into effect MNZ will undertake audits to ensure on-going compliance.

Most commercial vessel operators having overall responsibility for the operation of a vessel or fleet in New Zealand waters will need to develop Marine Transport Operator Plans and obtain a Maritime Transport Operator Certificate which will be valid for up to 10 years. Certain vessels are excluded from the new regime such as SOLAS ships, and rafting, jet boat and small craft diving and fishing operations which are covered by other Maritime Rules.

As part of the changes the rules for surveyors are also being strengthened. Surveyors will need to be approved by MNZ to conduct surveys under the new regime and the MOSS system will set required survey standards.

MNZ will continue to consult with the industry in relation to implementation of the new system and fees which will be charged.

MNZ’s MOSS Entry Guide pamphlet provides a helpful summary of the changeover requirements.

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