Megaupload 4 get their internet access back

POSTED BY Rick Shera
02 April 2012

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After an erudite exposition of the human right nature of internet access by His Honour District Court Judge David Harvey (NZ's most tech savvy jurist), the USA not surprisingly acceded to the accuseds' request to be allowed internet access, during an application by Dotcom and collegaues for variation of their bail conditions today.
Another more unusual request was for Kim Dotcom to be allowed to visit a music recording studio to continue with the production of an album he is apparently involved with. That request was resisted by the USA. Which resulted in the following wry observation from His Honour:

" There was also a level of scepticism about the success of the recording.

This Court cannot speculate on  the success or otherwise of Mr Dotcom’s venture.  The numerous varieties of modern musical genres suggest that there are probably unimagined audiences available, and modern legitimate digital distribution systems are changing the face of the music market. I could venture to suggest that notoriety alone could well be a marketing angle for Mr Dotcom’s venture"
Full copy of the decision attached.

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