Whaleoil appeals name suppression conviction (updated)

POSTED BY Rick Shera
22 October 2010

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It came as no surprise to me that Cameron Slater (Whaleoil) was found guilty of breaching name suppression and victim identification orders by District Court Judge David Harvey.

Nor does it come as any surprise to me that he has appealed.  After all, I did hear him say in a RadioNZ clip just after he emerged from the Court that his interpretation of the decision was that Yellow pages online was now always going to be in breach of suppression orders because it contains details of names that might be suppressed!!  A novel and completely wrongheaded interpretation but if that is Mr Slater's conclusion then of course he must feel he has to appeal (although I doubt Yellow would want him to take up cudgels on its behalf - it has enough problems of its own).

The immediate post hearing ramblings have now been replaced with an attempt at slightly more cogent arguments in the notice of appeal, which you can read below.  Still, all a bit of stretch on my quick review.  If I get time I'll give it a closer look.

UPDATE: 1 March 2011  - Slater's appeal was heard by Justice Douglas White today in the High Court at Auckland.

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