Whaleoil blogger convicted of breaching name suppression orders

No real surprise that Cameron Slater (of Whaleoil blog) has been convicted on 9 of 10 counts of breaching name suppression/victim ID orders.  Greg Thwaite, his lawyer, did what appears to be an admirable job in trying to concoct as many novel defences as he could, but, really, a philosophical protest such as this was never going to work in a Court.  As His Honour Judge Harvey indicated, that is an issue for another forum, not a District Court.

What is useful though is His Honour's clear statement that a blog constitutes publication. Many would not have harboured any doubt on that front but it is good to have a firm pronouncement from New Zealand's most tech savvy jurist.

Conceptually a blog is no different from any other form of mass media communication especially since it involves the internet which anyone who has an internet connection is able to access. It fulfils the concept of publishing and publication. It makes information available to a wider audience.

[para 15]

The judgement is lengthy (70 pages), but is here for those who want to read it.

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